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IPO industry investment feasibility studies

HZResearch  has many investment success stories, a lot of data and analysis through the study of the project to show the industry developments and competitive dynamics. Project to provide industry depth analysis of the level of competition and profitability, accurately reflect the project has the development potential and investment value. Raise investment and focus on the necessity, feasibility, economic analysis, capacity analysis match. 

Investment and financing market adviser

HZResearch has a number of successful experience in listed companies,for companies listed at home and abroad to provide consultancy services, including market framework design, market place and timing, selection of intermediaries. 

To provide consultancy services listed IPO, IPO the sub-industry research, IPO industry investment feasibility studies, private equity financing of high-tech enterprises, enterprise restructuring, corporate mergers and acquisitions, investment and financing services.

Main services:

IPO consultant

for the enterprise market at home and abroad to provide consultancy services, including market framework design, market place and timing, selection and other intermediaries to guide enterprises conform to state industrial policies to help businesses reduce costs and successfully listed on the market.

Private equity financing

high-tech companies looking for strategic investors (including the Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences-owned investment companies and domestic and foreign investment companies), to provide comprehensive financial advisory services, design flexibility and low-cost financing. 

Enterprise restructuring

changes in property rights for all types of enterprises or listed because of other reasons, the design of restructuring and reorganization program.
Corporate mergers and acquisitions: the mergers and acquisitions between companies business and providing financial advisory services to help companies at a reasonable cost structure and complete mergers and acquisitions. 

Funds entrusted to management

private equity fund or escrow organization of government investment funds.
In addition, for domestic and foreign financial and investment institutions looking for investment targets to provide consultancy services for investors to invest in high-tech industries to provide policy and technical support. 

IPO the sub-industry research

on the target industry segments to conduct a comprehensive analysis and research, digging out the investment potential and investment potential. Study the reliability of available units in charge of industry validation and publication of publicity in the core, to provide reference for enterprises and sources of data brokers, research methods, to ensure data authority, neutrality and timeliness. 

Main target:

Major service project in a listed company within the industry benchmark, high-tech enterprises or high-tech enterprise development, focusing on the strategic guidance of enterprises to enter new industries, to provide a full range of investment and financing services, including core business is to find a listing potential of the enterprise, and promote the completion of its listing. 

Shall meet the following conditions:

Hope in the next 2-3 years overseas or in the mainland A shares, small board, the Growth Enterprise Market listed companies such as;
Not yet entered the listing process, but the listing of the outstanding enterprises;
In the early stages of development, but it can ensure a high return on investment enterprises; 

HZResearch advantage

HZResearch has strict quality control system; 

HZResearch has developed a commercial database; 

HZResearch has a national data collection network; 

HZResearch has a number of industry research success cases; 

HZResearch has a professional research team and expert consultants; 

HZResearch has Porter industry analysis system model ; 

HZResearch has smooth channels and good relations between government agencies; 

HZResearch has the international advanced market research model and professional model for quantitative analysis of data; 

If you would like more HZResearch specific research, customer solutions , research reports, research views,Please contact us directly

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