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Commercial& Logistics Industry Solutions

Essential solutions to the Commercial& Logistics industry market research, investment and financing and IPO service .  

Commercial& Logistics companies have realized that the industry in which have competitive pressures, need an accurate understanding of their position in the industry in which competitors act, customer needs, thereby to adjust their strategy. 

HZResearch's Commercial& Logistics industry solutions to help enterprises understand accurately and timely the industry status, precise audience targeting, access to accurate information aspects of competition, which will help you to take timely countermeasures, and always at a competitive advantage. 

Core research

Customer research: By consumer behavior research , customer satisfaction research, brand research,Help manufacturers understand their consumer customers, procurement and satisfaction conditions etc; 

Competitors research: By analyzing competitors, you can understand strategic action may be taken by competitors. The main research: competitor's management and organizational structure, sales, financial condition, production and R & D, marketing strategy, the core of future development strategies; 

PEST analysis of the industrial environment: from the political and legal environment, economic environment, social and cultural environment and technological environment four areas of development of the industry environment, to help users understand the status and development trend. 

Size and competitive structure of the industry: status and competition analysis of the industry, industry profitability, solvency, growth, concentration, size, industry cycles and other characteristics, from different perspectives to fully understand the industry development, analysis of industry competition, do an appropriate marketing strategy or investment strategy; 

Industry chain analysis: the industry's upstream and downstream industry chain analysis to understand the control of upstream and downstream industries, and changes in upstream and downstream sectors of the industry; 

Industry Structure Analysis: Analysis of the industry structure and regional distribution companies to find growth and good corporate types; analysis of key factors for business success; know the industry benchmark for business performance and business strategies, reflecting the business characteristics; 

HZResearch advantage

HZResearch has strict quality control system; 

HZResearch has developed a commercial database; 

HZResearch has a national data collection network; 

HZResearch has a number of industry research success cases; 

HZResearch has a professional research team and expert consultants; 

HZResearch has Porter industry analysis system model ; 

HZResearch has smooth channels and good relations between government agencies; 

HZResearch has the international advanced market research model and professional model for quantitative analysis of data; 


To meet the business-to-industry competition, competitors, customers and channels understanding; 

To meet the industry sub-sectors and enterprises for the upstream and downstream development understanding; 

Institutional investors for investment projects to meet the industry demand for enterprise screening; 

Meet the pre-IPO market segments, industries, and raise investment demand; 

Listed investment company IPO raised to meet the demand; 

If you would like more HZResearch specific research, customer solutions , research reports, research views,Please contact us directly

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